Les présentes conditions générales of use (CGU) are to determine the rules of use of the of use of the Internet site accessible under the address “http://www.cnpluxembourg.lu” (the Site) and are applicable regardless of or the mode of consultation (computer, tablet, smartphone or all other terminals and devices).

1. Acceptance of the T&Cs

All consultation of the Site implies the acceptance without reserve of the present CGU and the respect of the legal and regulatory provisions in force.

The CGU are consequently opposable to any user of the Site. The user has the possibility to consult them at any time, download, print and keep a copy.

If you do not wish to accept these TOS, we ask you not to continue browsing the Site.

2. Warning

The information offered on this Site is of a general nature and is not intended to not intended to meet the particular expectations and circumstances of that could affect the user. The content of the Site is presented for information purposes only, and has no legal, accounting or or tax purposes and shall not be binding on CNP Assurances in any way. LUXEMBOURG.

No information released on the Site should not be considered as an incitement to the use of the Site. from CNP LUXEMBOURG to sell, purchase or make any other transaction. CNP LUXEMBOURG does not claim to be a substitute for the user’s personal appreciation of the various products and services presented, nor to provide a consulting service in any field. CNP LUXEMBOURG invites users to seek the advice of a qualified expert before taking any action. decision on the basis of information published on the Site.

In In any case, the use of the information published on the Site, their exploitation, interpretation and/or publication on other media, remain the sole responsibility of the user. The decisions that the user would be led to make of this information does not commit any other party to any responsibility than his own.

3. Quality of information

NOC LUXEMBOURG endeavours to provide up-to-date information online at the time of their insertion and reserves the possibility of modify the content of the Site at any time without notice. Nevertheless, at the With regard to the amount of information published on the Site, CNP LUXEMBOURG cannot guarantee the completeness, accuracy, timeliness or completeness accuracy, truthfulness, quality, currency and relevance of the information appearing on the Site, nor the absence of modification of their content by an unauthorized third party. CNP LUXEMBOURG declines by therefore any responsibility in this regard.

NOC LUXEMBOURG nevertheless retains the right to correct inaccuracies, errors or omissions on the Site, either on its own initiative or after being notified by the users. To this end, all user wishing to report incorrect information can contact CNP LUXEMBOURG at the following email address: contact@cnpluxembourg.lu.

4. Availability of the Site

NOC LUXEMBOURG reserves the right to modify or interrupt temporarily or permanently, all or part of the Site, without the need for for maintenance or other purposes, which the user agrees to expressly.

CNP LUXEMBOURG cannot be be held responsible in case of suspension or interruption of the unavailability, impossibility of access or failure to provide services. poor conditions of use of the Site attributable to a terminal (computer, tablet, smartphone or other devices) not adapted to internal malfunctions at the Internet service provider of the user, to the congestion of the Internet network, or for any other other reasons external to CNP LUXEMBOURG.

5. Security

The user declares that he/she has the competence and technical means required to access and consult the Site.

The user also recognizes that the characteristics and constraints of the of the Internet do not guarantee the security, availability and reliability of and integrity of data transmissions.

The user undertakes to take all appropriate measures to protect its data and its terminal from any intrusion or contamination by possible viruses. The user shall not access or maintain fraudulently in the Site, to hinder or alter the operation of the Site by introducing Trojan horses, bombs, and the like. worms or any other viruses or programs that may be present. malicious or likely to cause any damage to the Site.

NOC LUXEMBOURG declines all responsibility for any damage resulting from fraudulent intrusion by a third party resulting in a modification of the information made available on this Site. CNP LUXEMBOURG does not be liable for any damage or loss to the property of any person. malfunction caused by the intrusion of a virus in the terminals and systems when downloading data in from the Site, as well as for any damage, direct or indirect, caused by the whatever the causes, origins, nature or reasons for the consequences, caused by reason of the access of whoever to the Site and more particularly because of the credit given to any information coming directly or indirectly from the Site after intrusion.

6. Intellectual Property

The Site and its components (articles, images, documents, information and infographics, brands, videos, sound clips, slogans, data, metadata, logos, tables, graphics, texts, programs IT, graphic charter, drawings, design, tree structure, organization of the headings, look and feel…etc.) are the property of CNP LUXEMBOURG and/or its partners, as the case may be, and other third party rights holders. The Site and its components are the object of legal protection in various ways such as copyrights and related rights, trademarks, designs and models, rights database producers.

The user shall not modify or delete any identification concerning copyright or other proprietary rights. He is also prohibited from reproducing, copying, using, or depositing any trademark or distinctive sign belonging to CNP LUXEMBOURG or to its group, identical or similar.

NOC LUXEMBOURG grants the user a non-exclusive license, personal and non-transferable authorizing him to use the Site, as well as the information it contains for its own use in accordance with these TOU. As such, the user is more particularly authorized to download or print any documents or other information published on the Site. The information used does not for personal use only, subject to compliance with the following intellectual property rights referred to therein.

All other use by reproduction, modification, downloading, transmission or other process of extraction and duplication of components of the Site by any process whatsoever (in particular by framing, caching), including any use for commercial or advertising purposes is subject to the prior written authorization of the communication of CNP LUXEMBOURG.

Apart from the expressly mentioned in this section, any representation of the total or partial of the Site by any person (physical or moral) without the express permission of CNP LUXEMBOURG is prohibited and would constitute an infringement within the meaning of the amended law of April 18, 2001 on copyright, neighbouring rights and databases.

7. Referencing – social networks – hypertext links

The Site presents hypertext links towards other sites and also offers interaction with other Internet players, including some social networks. These links and proposals do not CNP LUXEMBOURG is not liable for any damage or loss arising from the content of these various third-party sites and messages exchanged on the social networks.

CNP LUXEMBOURG is not more responsible for the hypertext links pointing to the Site and other referencing of the Site by third parties without its prior and express authorization.

No user of the Site may not set up a hyperlink to this Site without the express prior written consent of CNP LUXEMBOURG.

8. Modifications to the TOS

The TOS are subject to change at any time, in whole or in part. to adapt them to the evolution of the Site and/or to any changes in the change in the applicable regulations. The user is by We therefore strongly recommend that you consult them regularly.

9. Applicable law – Jurisdiction

The these GTUs are subject to Luxembourg law, subject to the provisions of the applicability of the mandatory rules of the country of residence of the user.